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reasons of damaged blast furnace lining fire brick

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reasons of damaged blast furnace lining fire brick

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Analysis of the reasons of damaged blast furnace lining fire brick


The damaged performance of high temperature to fire brick:
(1)Erosion. When the edge air develops excessively, but the factory uses poor quality refractory material which has lower refractoriness under load, if the high temperature is over than allowable temperature, the fire lining brick will be eroded.
(2)Heat stress.
(3)Thermal shock. Thermal shock is a phenomenon when the fire brick meet the unsteady thermal stress and then become damaged.Cracks will occur in the refractory bricks and eventually broken.

2.Mechanical erosion and abrasion

3.Chemical attack

4.One of the important factors of lining damage is unreasonable design, construct and furnace structure. Poor quality refractory and furance construction create the condition for the first kind of destructive factors.

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