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wood plastic composite board b&q

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wood plastic composite board b&q

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In Korea there are 90% of urban households have installed warm , it can be said to warm a very high penetration of home improvement options. In recent years, the development of China's market floor heating is also very fast. Recently, domestic media have done a certain amount of sample survey :

Collective efforts to promote the industry , the sample survey showed Nearly nine people would consider installing warm floor. This is an amazing figure. However , only 70% of consumers have heard of the concept to warm the floor , but its focus is not to understand the pros and cons and make a purchase . This will cause a lot of problems in the installation and after-sales business . But also for the promotion of the market to warm the floor of potential problems .

In the survey, consumers are most concerned about is to warm the floor price. The eyes of consumers to warm the floor is still a luxury. Several sets of data is very clear description of the problem. Because of the higher warm fees Price not choose to warm the floor occupied by 38% ; users to warm the floor of the worry about the cost issue has nearly 20% ; entire consumer participation in the voting of the average monthly income of more than 3000 occupied 66%. Prices, consumers are most concerned about factors. Northwest and northern regions do not even have two cold eastern, southern region is also affected by popularity .

Although less than 5 % of the population have not heard to warm the floor . But for consumers to warm the floor is installed still doubts. The main reason besides the price , air conditioning, long-term mainstream ; regional restrictions warm ; unclear prospects for the home improvement market three stumbling block limits its practical driving range in the market.

Nearly half of the sum of the data has three , even more than the price factor . Maintenance, security , service and other long-standing problem still shrouded in flooring market . As consumers choose to warm the floor of three hearts at ease . Consumers worry about these issues almost Jiucheng, industry issues is an indisputable fact.

Purchase to warm the floor grasp six areas:

1 warm with wood floors must be matched with the heating system , wood floors , only a small part of a specially treated product is suitable for floor heating systems ;

2 Optional warm material to a regular mall or store ;

To learn more about the top three purchase the product shrinkage , expansion , surface heat-resistant properties and other properties, to know the manufacturer name, product grade, formaldehyde emission limit signs, etc. ;

4 Try to choose a regular construction decoration enterprises ;

5 installed indoor temperature is too low, the ground to dry, after sizing pavement floor coverings should conserve 24 hours before use ;

6 heating system problems , to reprocess the floor , so if quality problems, we must promptly to complaints of Quality Supervision and other related departments for the first time .">wood plastic composite Wall Board">wood plastic composite in dubai">wood plastic composite board b&q

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