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Dry Sludge in Refractory for Blast Furnace

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Dry Sludge in Refractory for Blast Furnace

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Application of Dry Sludge in Refractory for Blast Furnace

Blast furnace refractories are often used stemming, commonly used is a water cannabis mud, but when the steel production is high, this iron mouth stem mud is more susceptible to mechanical scouring and chemical erosion of slag iron, resulting in blast furnace slag Not a net, not only affect the smooth and high yield blast furnace, but also prone to iron in the process of iron off, leading to runway accidents caused by heavy run. At the same time as Tietou tide, prone to playing Tietou "rocket" burns and other accidents.
The main production of anhydrous stemming ingredients ratio (%): Brown Iron Jade 15-24, 6-15 silicon carbide, coke 20, lime 12-16, tar 18-20. The gun mud compressive strength of 20Mpa, open the mouth opening in the blast furnace openings easy, and anti-erosion performance is better.
The key component of lime mud is too large, will cause mud shrinkage is too large, resulting in cracks, too small, affect the mud plasticity, in the amount of stemming on the basis of 12%, and gradually found in the burn line changes Is +0.3%, the best performance, high plasticity at the moment, when there is good micro-expansion at high temperature tapping, no cracks, effective from the no swelling, cracks caused by channeling iron, , The risk of burned stave in severe cases.
Key components of low, medium temperature sintering agent added in a large amount, will have an impact on the stability of the iron, sintering agent added to the stemming at low temperature to generate low-melt, so anti-erosion ability of stemming deteriorated, splashing spatter . Found that when the ratio of 2.5%, when dealing with the iron mouth, than the water cannons save 25min time, and does not affect the trenches processing, tapping, the iron flow stability.
The above anhydrous mud in the domestic water heaters No. 1 and No. 2 blast furnace used, compared with the same period of water mud, blast furnace technical indicators are as follows: Tiekou pass rate increased by 2%, the punctuality rate rose 6.6%, iron content Poor pass rate rose 8%, iron mouth tapping wind rate decreased 96%, increase once a day tapping, blast furnace operation safety factor has also been improved. The development and application of this anhydrous stem mud has been extremely successful, contributing to the steady and high yield of refractories for blast furnaces.

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