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Snatching & Robbing Incidents are on the Rise

Written by on

Snatching & Robbing Incidents are on the Rise

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Snatching incidents are on the rise in the city. Offenders usually target womens & Good looking people walking alone i te colonies.

Now-a-days crime have increased in the city. Snatching & robbery are the main lead. Many areas of the city are indulged in the crime and local areas are more dangerous than others. Local prone areas had more number of complaints in police stations.

Its become a Regular Occurence with rampant snatching & Robbing incidents being reported at different localities & the cities. Usually they attack people while riding bikes. As reported here by a City Local 'JR SAMEER' he said "I met with an incident few days back while returning from my friends home alone by a walk while this incident occurred in the late night". When asked sameer about the incident, he said around 12 at nyt this incident happened at attapur road when he tried to stop a autorikshaw. "I thought to hire the autorikshaw but the autoperson said me that this is a sharing type of autorikshaw. While on the way doubtedly i asked them where are tey taking me to?, They replied Hasan nagar. My doubt became reality, i asked them to stop in the middile but they didn't and turned their vehicle in a dark place and attacked me o my head, on the other second i tried to hit one of the 3 members, but they attacked on my head. Before that i could have stop them they snatched my obile from my hand and wallet from my trouser and escaped in te dark".

It was really a shocking that Hyderabad is also becoming vast i these types of crimes. Espeially the areas which are developing day by day."It was very tough to recover from such incidents" said by sameer.

Its the change in lifestyle and the need for money that influence youngsters of the city, There are many more reasons to explain.

Unfortunately, it is not confined to a particular section or society. Youngsters from middle & low income groups are involved in this type of crimes. "It was really shocking to see a bunch of fellows rob the innocent people to makeover their expenses. Insome cases they usually kill people for money. I want to raise my voice against it because robbing and snatching is also a crime and we have to take several dimensions to stop the crimes in the city. And Government needs to take several strategies and conduct awareness programmes to stop it & Police needs to do a bandobast to stop the criminals" said sameer.

And like a Coin having two sides, Here too there are two dimensions. In addictive to crime perspective involvement of youngsters & students aged between 20-30 in these crimes are another. ny youngsters are involving in crimes and police record stands a testimony to this.

But the Question is 'what makes Youngsters involve in such activities?' It is nothing but craze to make fast money. Snatchers sell the stolen items or make use of it. This is what drives many into these crimes.

-**'A Report by **JR SAMEER**'**-

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