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Can The Buffalo Bills Really Make The Playoffs?

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Can The Buffalo Bills Really Make The Playoffs?

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The Buffalo Bills, according to the NFL playoff graph, are not even in the hunt for a playoff spot. However, they currently sit at 4-7, just one game back of a group of teams that are 5-6. Currently, the Tennessee Titans are at 5-6 and would be the sixth seed in the playoffs, if they started today. Mathematically, they are definitely still in it.

Usually, most fans would say they are not going to go 5-0 or even 4-1 to finish the year. However, this year seems different. They Bills are playing well and have lost some close games. In addition, they have what should be a fairly easy schedule. They play an injured Atlanta team, a Bucs team that struggled until recently, a Dolphins team at home that they have already defeated, the 2 win Jacksonville Jaguars, and the vaunted New England Patriots, with the outside chance that the Patriots may rest their starters.

E.J. Manuel was injured in losses to Cleveland, New Orleans, Cincinnati and Kansas City. He also looked very rusty in his return game in Pittsburgh. If Manuel can play as well as he played against New England and the New York Jets, the Bills have a great chance. The Bills will need to stay healthy. The Bills will also need to get their running game, in particular C.J. Spiller going. This would greatly help out Manuel.

I believe that while the Bills have a great schedule and are a reasonable team, I see them losing to Tampa and New England, finishing with a 7-9 record. Considering the injuries, I would say that it would have still been a successful season, especially if Manuel plays well for the remainder of the season.

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