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The use of silicon carbide

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The use of silicon carbide

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Silicon carbide Use Subdivision:
1, non-ferrous metal smelting industry applications
The use of silicon carbide with high resistance, high strength, good thermal conductivity, impact resistance, for high indirect heating materials, such as cans distillation furnace, distillation furnace tray, aluminum cell, copper melting furnace lining, zinc powder furnace arc Type plate, thermocouple protection tube.
2, the application of the steel industry
The use of silicon carbide corrosion resistance, thermal shock resistance to wear, good thermal conductivity characteristics for large blast furnace lining to improve the service life.
3, metallurgical and mineral processing industry applications
Silicon carbide hardness second only to the diamond, with a strong wear resistance, wear-resistant pipe, impeller, pump room, cyclone, ore lining the ideal material, the wear resistance is cast iron, rubber life of 5 -20 times, is also one of the ideal materials for aviation flight runway.
4, building materials ceramics, grinding wheel industry applications
The use of its thermal conductivity, heat radiation, high heat intensity of the characteristics of the manufacture of thin plate kiln, not only can reduce the kiln capacity, but also improve the furnace capacity and product quality, shorten the production cycle, is ceramic glazed baking sintering Ideal indirect material.
5, energy-saving applications
Silicon carbide brick is a typical polycrystalline compounds, according to the major categories, there are two kinds of α-silicon carbide and β-silicon carbide. α-silicon carbide as abrasive black and green varieties. β-SiC is the main raw material for the preparation of silicon carbide ceramics. Silicon carbide is widely used, such as: metallurgy, machinery, chemicals, building materials, light industry, electronics, heating body. Abrasive can be used as a cleaning agent for the metallurgical industry, deoxidizer and modifier. In the mechanical processing can be used as synthetic carbide cutting tools; after processing silicon carbide plate can be used as a refractory for ceramic firing plate. Through the production of fine powder after finishing, can be used for high-tech electronic components and far infrared radiation materials, paint. High purity fine powder for national defense industry aerospace vessel coating. The use of international and domestic economic fields is very broad.
Silicon carbide semiconductors can cope with the "extreme environment", allegedly silicon carbide chips can even withstand Venus or the heat near the sun. Previous studies have shown that silicon carbide wafers can operate normally without a cooling device even at high temperatures of 560 degrees Celsius. Silicon carbide chips in the field of communication has a broad application prospects, allowing high-definition TV transmitter to provide clearer signals and images; can also be used in jet and car engines to monitor the motor running. At the same time, it can also be used in the field of space exploration, to help nuclear power spacecraft to perform more complex tasks. French physicists have predicted that in the field of chip manufacturing, silicon carbide is not far from silicon.
1, abrasive - mainly because of silicon carbide has a high hardness, chemical stability and a certain toughness, so silicon carbide can be used to make synthetic abrasive, coated abrasive and free grinding, and thus to process glass, ceramics, Cast iron and some non-ferrous metals, carbide, titanium, high-speed steel cutting tools and grinding wheel.
2, refractory materials and corrosion-resistant materials --- mainly because of silicon carbide has a high melting point (decomposition), chemical inert and heat shock resistance, so silicon carbide can be used for abrasive, ceramic products firing furnace with shed And sagger, zinc smelting industrial vertical cylinder distillation furnace with silicon carbide brick, aluminum electrolytic cell lining, crucible, small pieces of furnace and other silicon carbide ceramic products.
3, chemical use - because the silicon carbide can be dissolved in molten steel and molten steel from oxygen, metal oxide reaction to produce carbon monoxide and silicon slag. So it can be used as smelting steel purification agent, that is used as steel deoxidizer and cast iron tissue improver. This generally uses low purity silicon carbide to reduce costs. But also as a raw material for the manufacture of silicon tetrachloride.
4, electrical use - for heating elements, non-linear resistive components and high semiconductor materials. Heating elements such as silicon carbon rod (for 1100 ~ 1500 ℃ work a variety of electric furnace), non-linear resistance components, all kinds of lightning protection valve.
5, the other prepared into far infrared radiation coating or made of silicon carbide silicon plate with far infrared radiation dryer.

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