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Oil drilling mud treatment decanter centrifuge

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Oil drilling mud treatment decanter centrifuge

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For petroleum drilling mud treatment, we have both weighted and unweighted fluid. Then, centrifuge selection and configuration will not be the same. The well drilling depth is relative with fluid treatment.

Petroleum mud centrifuge has 3 types in total. We can classify it as large capacity centrifuge, high speed centrifuge, and barite re-circulation centrifuge. They have their own features and edges. We can adopt them on certain occasion.Due to different drilling conditions and well depths, sometimes we need configure or combine different types of centrifuges together to get ideal performance and save petroleum drilling cost and get more benefit.

Drilling Mud Decanter Centrifuge Installation

The installation site of centrifuge should be convenient for discharging base flow and recycling overflow. About the current level drilling fluids solid control system, the storage tank of desilter and mud cleaner treating fluid can also act as the suction tank of centrifuge, and the storage tank which recycling overflow must have agitator.

When using the centrifuge to recycle the barite of weighted drilling fluids, the separated base flow should be re-injected to the drilling fluids recycling system, because the base flow contains little liquid and is difficult to flow, it is hard to mix with drilling fluids, so the effect of agitator is very important, in other words, the mud tank which recycling barite base flow must contain has stirring apparatus. If the separated base flow is discarded through chute, the angle of inclination of chute will be 42┬░at least, and convenient for the waste flowing.

In many industries, centrifuge equipment is utilized to separate denser elements from a mixture. Generally, this means removing a solid material from a liquid, yet it can also be used to demarcate liquids from each other. As the name implies, a centrifuge relies on centrifugal force. The faster it rotates, the more this force works to enhance gravitational pull and accelerate the separation process.

As decanter centrifuge is highly efficient and effective, there has been little change in the technology regarding centrifuge equipment over the past few decades. The life span of a typical centrifuge ranges from 15 to 25 years depending on the style of the equipment and the quality of the manufacturer. Furthermore, the life of the machinery can be extended an additional 10 to 20 years with proper maintenance and care. Consequently, good centrifuge equipment can offer an extremely high return on your initial investment. This is why it is imperative that a prospective buyer consider the total cost and quality of the centrifuge as well as the estimated delivery time.

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