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5 Top Content Strategies For eCommerce Websites

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5 Top Content Strategies For eCommerce Websites

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Although it's difficult for eCommerce websites to undertake intense content marketing, it's quite a necessity in this highly competitive world of online shopping. Capturing and retaining customers attention is a requirement to grow and sustain. Let's look at the top five content strategies that can help eCommerce websites in achieving their aggressive sales targets.

1. Photo-heavy content: For eCommerce websites, photos are a must. Consequently, any eCommerce website which is aiming for outstanding sales will have to invest in high-quality photographic content with number of applications. If you are wondering what you can do with photo-heavy content, just have a look at Apple's website. If that's not enough, think about the ways you can leverage the product photos on photo-centric social networking websites such as Instagram and Pinterest. It's believed that customers redirected from Pinterest to the brand's website are 10% more likely to make a purchase. So have attractive photos and leverage those for higher sales.

2. Use Meme: Memes have existed as long as the Internet. Simple yet powerful, memes are loved by the users. Many eCommerce companies are already using it to advertise their products while keeping up the fun quotient of the meme. Also, due to the inherent share-ability of the memes, you will likely end up with heavy traffic and back-links to your site.

3. Videos: Create interactive and effective how-to videos to attract instant customer attention. Teasers and demos of products and services usually gain lot of attention and exposure. You can also use these videos to educate and inspire customers. Review videos by customers are of great value, and due to the same reason, Amazon encourages reviewers to upload videos of the product they are reviewing. Upload these videos on video-streaming platform such as YouTube and gain quality back-links, traffic and instant exposure.

4. Email marketing campaign: Even though there are various means of marketing, email marketing still remains the most effective method. There are three tactics of email marketing:

a) Lead nurturing: Whenever a visitor downloads a free guide or coupon, you can follow up with the customer with a personalized message about what else they can find interesting on your site.

b) Special emails: Whenever you start a new campaign, item blow-out, announcement or major product launch, you can undertake email campaign to create excitement and enthusiasm.

c) Personalized emails: Personalized emails are a great way to convert abandoned transactions into a successful sale. You can use light humor, even memes, for this. Offer special discounts to special customers through this tactic.

5. Infographics: Infographics are a good way to present lot of information in a concise manner. High-quality, visually appealing and information-rich content will grab customers' attention. Photoshop, GIMP or Piktochart are great tools to create Infographics.

If you are looking for any advice for your existing eCommerce website, Ydeveloper's eCommerce marketing professionals are just a click away:

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