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Trade Talk

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Trade Talk

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Lately, the Sabres have been pathetic to say the least. They have only won nine of their last 33 games and are on a twelve game losing streak on the road.

This is totally unacceptable. Half of the time it seems the team has no heart and they just don't care. Unfortunately, for the few people on the team that consistently produce and give their best effort, it's not enough. At this point, it seems there is no hope for the season. With the ultimate goal being the Stanley Cup, some would think why bother trying the rest of the season?

In part, I agree with this - getting a top five pick in the NHL entry draft would be wonderful, but at the same time, I don't think it's enough.
I don't really care what happens with the rest of the season as far as wins and losses go, but I do hope there are changes.

First, Ryan Miller needs to go. His attitude is totally uncalled for. People think he walks on water and does no wrong, but in reality, he hasn't done anything for the team this season, other than get us in a big hole. I feel a trade is necessary. It's ridiculous paying someone $6.25 million to lose games. He's not doing his job so it's time to move on. Enroth is a perfectly capable goalie and has proven that he has the heart to be on this team.

As far as other changes are concerned, I think we should look at trading for a top center. We need goal scorers. Part of the reason we have struggled so much this season is that we cannot score. Of course, lazy goaltending and sloppy defensive plays have contributed; however, if we cannot score more than two goals a game, there's no hope anyway. Unfortunately, talk of getting Ryan Getzlaf seems unlikely. With the players we have now, I don't know why they'd want anyone we're willing to give them. While we could clear a lot of cap space by trading Miller, Roy, and Stafford, three mediocre players at best for a good one seems unlikely.

Aside from player changes, I think administration needs a change as well. Ruff and Regier have been here 15 seasons, and in my opinion, it really is time for them to go. Other teams fire coaches and GMs when they don't produce championships - especially after an eternity of waiting. The same excuses from them cannot cut it anymore. We need fresh ideas from new people to get the job done. Even if the Sabres went on to win 75% of the remaining games this season, my thoughts on Ruff and Regier would not change, because the same story continuously plays out.

If things continue on the path they're on now, I'm afraid we'll lose the good players we have. Free agents aren't going to stick around or come to Buffalo if they don't see a championship in their future, no matter how much we try to pay them. The Buffalo Sabres need to make drastic changes to their organization to give us the Stanley Cup victory Pegula promised us. I really hope they make Pegula's purchase worth it by doing something with this pathetic team.

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