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Tzu Jan Times Releases First Edition!

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Tzu Jan Times Releases First Edition!

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Welcome to the first-ever edition of the Tzu Jan Times! This monthly periodical was created to inform instructors, students and followers of Tzu Jan Martial Art of current events and activities at the Tzu Jan Martial Art Institute and to provide ALL martial artists with in-depth articles on a wide variety of topics... training, strategy, tactics, individual martial arts, individual martial artists, martial philosophy, personal development through the study and practice of martial art, practical self- defense and a whole lot more!
The Tzu Jan Martial Art Institute takes a unique approach to the study and practice of Martial Art and the Martial Way - an approach that is based on individual need. The philosophy of our approach is as follows: (1)Embrace Martial Art as a WHOLE (2)Recognize that Martial Styles, like the people who have created them and practice them, have individual strengths and weaknesses - no one is superior or inferior to the other; they are just different. (3) Explore a wide variety of styles and approaches so that you can understand the underlying principles that make them work and then use those principles to develop an approach to Martial Art(whether for competition or self-defense) and personal development that is customized to suit your individual body-type, physiology and personality and be most effective for you. (4) Take the time to explore the history, traditions and philosophy of any Style that you study. Remember, without character development Martial Art becomes -at best - competitive brutality. Teachers (and students) have an obligation to be the best people they can be and to represent their chosen Art in the best possible light. We need to make sure that the uninitiated public continues to see Martial Art practice as something that is necessary and good for people of all ages so that the Art, as a WHOLE, will continue to grow and flourish. (4) Respect the Art, as a whole, and work to develop an atmosphere of brotherhood and mutual respect between individual martial artists of all styles and systems so that we can continue to learn from one another and the Art can continue to grow and flourish. (5) Realize and express the true nature of the Martial Way in your everyday life.
There is a great deal more to both our Art and our philosophy... but all of that will be shared in issues to come. For now, please enjoy this First Edition of the Tzu Jan Times - and thank you for your contributions to the World of Martial Art!
- Sifu Charlie Hicks

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