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performance of high aluminum refractory products

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performance of high aluminum refractory products

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Classification and main performance of high aluminum refractory products

(1) cement kiln with high alumina brick

Cement kiln combined with high alumina brick is a high bauxite clinker as aggregate and fine powder, phosphoric acid or aluminum phosphate as a binder, semi-dry press molding, in the 400 ℃ ~ 600 ℃ temperature heat treatment , Made of cement for the cement kiln with high alumina refractory products.
Products are divided into two varieties according to the binder. High-alumina brick (referred to as phosphate brick), the binder for the concentration of 42.5% to 50.0% of the phosphate solution, code-named P, lock brick code for the PC.
Phosphate directly combined with high alumina bricks, the high temperature of the higher strength, hanging kiln skin medium, high thermal conductivity, thermal shock stability is better. In the commissioning stage, open kiln and kiln kiln more times, showing a better performance.
(2) mullite and its products
Mullite is the only stable binary mineral phase in the Al2O3-SiO2 binary system. The chemical composition of 3 Al2O3 · 2 SiO2 (abbreviated as A3S2), the theoretical aluminum oxide and silicon oxide mass ratio of 71.88: 28.12. Mullite has a high melting point, high strength, small thermal expansion coefficient, and strong resistance to chemical corrosion. The use of pure mullite made of refractory bricks for the rotary kiln transition zone, showing a high load softening temperature, high high temperature strength, small expansion coefficient, thermal shock stability, good resistance to chemical corrosion Series of good use of performance. Due to its poor performance of hanging kiln skin, for the burning with the effect is not ideal. Industrial mullite are synthetic. According to the thermal processing method is divided into less combined into mullite and fused synthetic mullite.
(3) corundum refractory products
Corundum refers to the presence of Al2O3 crystals in the alpha crystal form. Theoretical composition of 100% pure Al2O3, crystal for the three crystal system. Corundum as the main raw material made of refractory products, the Al2O3 content of not less than 90%. Corundum refractories high refractoriness, high temperature strength, good wear resistance, strong resistance to chemical corrosion, but the thermal expansion rate is higher, thermal conductivity is also high. According to the impurity content is divided into white corundum (almost 100% Al2O3) and brown corundum. White corundum is almost rarely used.
(4) anti-peeling high alumina brick
Is a special high bauxite clinker and zirconia synthesis of raw materials as raw materials, according to a certain ratio of high-pressure molding through the firing products. Products with high temperature impact resistance, high thermal strength, anti-peeling ability, alkali and sulfur, chlorine erosion and other characteristics, a large number of large-scale dry cement kiln for the transition zone and decomposition zone.

More detail about high alumina brick:


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