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Don't walk into the myth of pulverizer innovation

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Recently someone on the website puts forward the different understanding of innovation, lots of people believe that changing the white bottle with blue bottle is innovation.Although from a marketing point ,packaging difference has played an important role in product compition,but this style is selfish egoism.The aim is to promote its sales volume,not in order to help customers to solve a specific problem.Innovation is change which based on the present situation , but change is not equal to the innovation, the two are not reversible, if regarding changes as the innovation, is putting the cart before the horse and is the distort of innovation.
In our pulverizer industry, because of long history and great competition ,so innovation is must.Some manufacturers sometimes may take some action on the appearance of the pulverizer or packaging , actually it is really treat change as the innovation, this may attract guests for the time being , but I can't make a lasting development.
As a professional manufacturer of pulverizer,VIPEAK heavy industry put the customer benefit and the production efficiency in the first place,instead of first importance to their own development.So innovation is for Customers bring more benefits, let us work together for the goal.

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