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I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas

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One big question that is on many people's minds is whether it will be a white Christmas. For the past few years the traditional Christmas snowfall has been lacking in Buffalo, disappointing many. Even those that hate snow seem to like the glistening coating on the trees, ground and rooftops on Christmas.
Based on statistics from 1961-1990, the New York state has a 56% chance of having a "white Christmas" defined as having at least one inch of snowfall. The chance of having five or ten plus inches are significantly lower. However, remember that this is for all of NYS and Buffalo gets significantly more snow per year than NYC so the chance is likely higher in Buffalo. Historically, Buffalo is actually said to have a 60-75% chance of having a beautiful, white Christmas, but a recent article in the Buffalo News says otherwise, putting the city at a low 57% chance. Syracuse and Utica have a greater chance of seeing snow Christmas morning than Buffalo does!
Based on the percentages, it seems like Buffalo has decent chances for a white Christmas, but I'm not so sure. When I was a kid, it seemed like most Christmas' were white ones, but as I got older, it seemed that fewer and fewer have snow blanketing the ground when I wake up Christmas morning.
This year, it doesn't look like we'll be lucky either. Predictions are that this Christmas will be met with much milder temperatures than the averages for this time of year.
Here are a few interesting facts about Christmas in Buffalo...
1. The most snowfall occurred in 2002 with 8.4" falling to the ground.
2. The whitest Christmas was in 2001, with 19" covering the ground.
3. In 1993 a green Christmas was predicted but 14.5" fell on Christmas Eve.
4. In the past 132 years, it has snowed on Christmas 91 times.
5. There was less than 1" 47 times.
6. From 1998-2007 - 6 Christmas' have been white with 3 of these record setting or near record setting, but the last 4 Christmas' have all been green. (2003 was the last time Buffalo saw a lot of snow on Christmas.)
For other interesting facts on Christmas snowfall in Buffalo, check out this link:

I'm really, really hoping for a white Christmas. I think we're definitely due for one. No matter how old I get, there is nothing like watching a peaceful snowfall Christmas Eve and waking up to a beautiful white blanket of snow Christmas morning.

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