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Application and brief introduction of carbon brick

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Application and brief introduction of carbon brick

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Carbon bricks are high temperature neutral refractories products, made by using carbonaceous as raw material and adding an appropriate amount of binding agent. Raw materials of carbon bricks include anthracite, coke and graphite, as well as bitumen, tar and anthracene oil binding agent. Anthracite volatile less, with compact structure, used as main aggregate in carbon brick production, adding metallurgical coke (coal tar), bitumen as a binding agent. Carbon brick is widely used in metallurgical industry, used mostly for blast furnace. Most blast furnace bottom and hearth are masoned by carbon bricks. Also carbon bricks can be used for Aluminum electrolytic cell, and mostly used in pickling bath for electroplating industry, plating bath, dissolving tank for paper making industry, reaction tank for chemical industry, storage tank, high pressure kettle of petroleum chemical industry, etc.

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