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A Few Simple Thoughts Re: Web Page Keywords and We

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A Few Simple Thoughts Re: Web Page Keywords and We

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As business owners, we implement Web Page keywords to enhance the marketing of our products and/or services.


Some businesses purchase advertising linked to the most popular keywords entered by users in searches related to that businesses’ industry and/or field of expertise.

Most other businesses research words users most often use in relation to their offerings – creating marketable content that can be analyzed and picked up by the search engines.

Software can be used to analyze user activities on their own Web sites to help decide what to sell and how to more effectively present it.


A well designed website focus on two very important criteria –

What its target customers are looking for when they visit the website and;

What the search engines are looking for as they rank and source websites among millions of others.


Our Website is the business representation which will gain the respect of visitors and potential clients if the presentation is both informative and visually impressive.

Including only the relevant information we take the time to research and update, we have a higher probability that we will be viewed as honest and reliable.

Not only do we need to bring clients to our Website, we need to convert them into confirmed buyers, and likewise, convert our target customers into repeat customers.

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