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Guardians of the Way Martial Arts Expo Coming/2013

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Guardians of the Way Martial Arts Expo Coming/2013

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Sandpoint, Idaho - After months of planning, the first annual "Guardians of the Way Expo" is set to take place in October of 2013 at the Bonner County Fairgrounds. This two-day event will feature exhibitions and competitions for all types of martial artists and martial arts enthusiasts, as well as a wide variety of spectator events and a whole host of workshops and seminars.
The Guardians of the Way Expo 2013 will run Saturday, October 5, from 10 am-8 pm and Sunday, October 6, from 10 am-9 pm and will host events to delight spectators, competitors and martial art/self-defense enthusiasts of all ages and experience levels. Some of the events at the Expo will include:
-Demo Team Competition
-Breaking Competition
-Point Competition, Exhibition/Tournament
-Kickboxing Exhibition/Event
-Thai Boxing Exhibition/Event
-Filipino Martial Arts Exhibition/Stick Tournament
-SCA Demonstration/Event
-Seminars/Workshops for every skill level from Top Instructors
-Demonstrations/Spectator Events featuring Martial Arts from Around the World
-Vendor Booths featuring the latest in martial arts gear and food and product offerings from local area vendors
The event will be open to the public, with the price of admission being one (non-perishable) food item for individuals and two food items for families. Food items collected at the door will be donated to local area food banks in Sandpoint and Rathdrum, Idaho to help families in need over the Holiday Season.
The Expo focuses (in part) on the vision of the "Guardians of the Way", a Facebook group that has grown to over 300 members and includes some of the biggest names in martial arts from all over the world. This group was started by Sifu Charlie Hicks of the Tzu Jan Martial Art Institute to accomplish two primary aims: (1)to provide an atmosphere where individual martial artists from all styles and systems can come together in a spirit of brotherhood and mutual respect so that they can learn from each other and the Art, as a whole, will continue to grow...and (2) to help educate the general public, as well as fellow martial artists, to the true nature of the study and practice of martial art and the philosophy of the Martial Way.
The "Guardians of the Way Expo 2013" will be hosted by the Tzu Jan Martial Art Institute, in association with Dynasty Taekwondo of Sandpoint,Idaho. The event is still in the developmental stages and there are still vendor spaces and seminar slots available - although they are being reserved at an alarming rate. If you would like to reserve a booth, or hold a seminar or workshop at the Expo, contact Sifu Charlie at (208)704-1693 or e-mail him at: Spaces do not go on sale until January 2013, but we are taking advance reservations now due to high demand. Individuals who reserve space now will be contacted in January and asked to make a deposit of 10 percent to hold their reservation. Sponsorship Packages will also go on sale in January of 2013.

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