Online Scrapbooks on Yoozpaper

Written by Yoozpaper Online on 2011-08-26

Yoozer's and groups can create their own online photo albums, known as Yoozpaper Scrapbooks, on Yoozpaper. There are several fun features to creating a Scrapbook, as it is not just about uploading and viewing pictures. These Scrapbooks will make it fun to visit Yoozpaper even if you do not like to write or read articles.

It is very simple to create a Scrapbook on Yoozpaper. From the member page, the Yoozer will click on the Scrapbook link at the top. Upon clicking here you will have a form to upload images, a form to create a Scrapbook, and a list of the Scrapbooks currently created, along with the number of pictures and date created of each album. To create a Scrapbook, enter the information on the form, including creating an interesting Scrapbook to better remember why this was created. Once this has been created, Yoozer's can begin uploading photos to the website. Once in a specific...(Read More)

What Is Yoozpaper

Written by Yoozpaper Online on 2011-08-28

What Is Yoozpaper

At this time, the beta version 2 of has officially been released. The key features at the moment are the ability to create your own newspaper online. Each paper contains 5 articles that are a minimum of 1000 characters and a maximum of 3000 characters. These articles are archived and can be searched for at any time. For each article, an image can be uploaded, a YouTube video can be embedded, and the article can be commented on. Each article must be marked with keywords and a category. This allows the website to tell what page of The Yoozpaper the article can be mapped to if it is the most popular, as well as how the article can be added to custom made papers. These papers can be subscribed to by other Yoozers.

The Yoozpaper is the main paper of and is the front of the website. It contains a front page, as well as pages for World, Sports, Business, Education,...(Read More)

How Does The Yoozpaper Work

Written by Yoozpaper Online on 2011-08-28

The Yoozpaper is the newspaper on which combines the most popular articles across the entire network of all Yoozpapers, whether individual or group. Every time an article is read or commented on, another view is counted. The 5 most viewed articles are on the front page of The Yoozpaper. There are also sections for news relating to world, business, arts, sports, weather, technology, education, home, and travel. When an article is written, the Yoozer classifies it to a category. The 5 most popular articles for each category goes onto their respective page and can be read from there.

Only articles from papers which have the rights set to public are eligible to make it to The Yoozpaper. This maintains their privacy rights. The articles that are on The Yoozpaper are articles which are written within a specific period of time. For instance, currently articles written within the...(Read More)

How to Create a Yoozpaper

Written by Yoozpaper Online on 2011-08-17

This is how to create a personal Yoozpaper. A Yoozpaper is a personal online newspaper which contains the most 5 current article written by that Yoozer. Each article written by that Yoozer must be a minimum of 1000 characters and can be a maximum of 3000 characters. There is no necessary topic and no writing can be written in any way. It can be written to promote a product, service, or business. It can be written to give personal opinions. It can be written to tell what headlines are in the world that relates to your papers subject.

Each paper has privacy rights. The individual can make the paper available to the general public, thus anyone, whether logged in or logged out can view the paper, and all articles that have been written on that paper. The individual can make the paper available to only his or her fellow Yoozer's. In this situation, a Yoozer must be logged in to More)